User's melodies

23/08/2002 09:10 RealIce & DarkBear

Warning: For advanced users only!
You can replace all melodies 1-21 in your C/M35

Programs copyright Real Ice & DarkBear

  1. samples of midi and bin files
  2. getmelody derived from x35 Flasher by gin v0.7.2
  3. moremel CM35 more melodies by realice v 0.2a (C/M35 fw05/18/24/25)
If links above not works, try local copies in one archive together

Your own risk:

  1. Read fullflash from your phone into PC (file *.bin 4 194 304 bytes)
  2. You must get sources bin images of melodies. Either use samples prepared by Real Ice (author) or you can create your own using program getmelody. This program reads melody No.22 from phone and writes it into bin-file.
  3. Exec program moremel. After click on some line of list you can select prepared bin-files.
  4. Then by clicking on button Insert Melodies write all selected new melodies into fullflash. Exit
  5. Write changed fullflash back into your phone.

Warning: For advanced users only!

I cannot support you in any your unexpected problems.

Details about problematic you can search on forum