Local sources

If you are creator of wml sites, maybe is interesting for you, which local sources are in UP-Browser implementated into your C35i. You can display names for attribute localsrc moving mouse cursor over picture.

If you want see pictures on display of your C35i, try address

exclamation1 exclamation2 question1 question2 lefttri1 righttri1 lefttri2 righttri2 littlesquare1 littlesquare2 isymbol wineglass speaker dollarsign moon1 bolt medsquare1 medsquare2 littlediamond1 littlediamond2 bigsquare1 bigsquare2 littlecircle1 littlecircle2 wristwatch plus minus star1 uparrow1 downarrow1 circleslash downtri1 uptri1 downtri2 uptri2 bigdiamond1 bigdiamond2 biggestsquare1 biggestsquare2 bigcircle1 bigcircle2 uparrow2 downarrow2 sun baseball clock moon2 bell pushpin smallface heart martini bud trademark multiply document1 hourglass1 hourglass2 floppy1 snowflake cross1 cross2 rightarrow1 leftarrow1 mug divide calendar smileyface star2 rightarrow2 leftarrow2 gem checkmark1 dog star3 sparkle lightbulb bird folder1 head1 copyright registered briefcase folder2 phone1 voiceballon creditcard uptri3 downtri3 usa note3 clipboard cup camera1 rain football book1 stopsign trafficlight book2 book3 book4 dokument2 scissors day ticket cloud envelope1 check videocam camcorder house flower knife vidtape glasses roundarrow1 roundarrow2 magnifyglass key note1 note2 boltnut shoe car floppy2 chart graph1 mailbox flashlight rolocard check2 leaf hound battery scroll thumbtack lockkey dollar lefthand righthand tablet paperclip present tag meal1 books truck pencil uplogo envelope2 wrench outbox inbox phone2 factory ruler1 ruler2 graph2 meal2 phone3 plug family link package fax partcloudy plane boat dice newspaper train siemens blankfull blankhalf blankquarter squaregrey squareblank squaresolid colblank colgrey1 colgrey2 colsolid